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An independent research, consulting, advisory and delivery company that focuses on bringing sustainable agriculture and nature-based solutions to communities, Asper has created long lasting and scalable impact with its innovative solutions to challenges that persist across the globe.


Specializing in market systems, inclusive businesses and biomimetic economies, we provide our clients with world-class market and scientific research, analytics, validation, investment, and program execution services. We serve a wide range of organisations that include businesses, government bodies, and non-profits of all sizes. Among our holdings is Asper Myanmar Ltd., an employee-owned company, created to empower a new generation of Myanmar-based development professionals to become the main actors of their country’s development.

With expertise in a broad range of specialties, we design custom solutions for every client that helps them realize their vision through sustainable strategies, taking a pragmatic approach to achieve and surpass their goals. For that reason, we base our interventions on research and analysis both in-office and through direct engagement with producers, processors, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, vendors, and others.


We create guiding visions, as well as strategies, interventions and other activities that can bring that vision to life. We co-deliver these strategies with our clients or your partners or implement them directly depending on your requirements. The research we conduct and the interventions we design can involve a number of activities depending on the context and goals to be achieved. These activities can consist of species identification, systems analysis, market forecast, market linkages, business intelligence, training, guidelines, competitions, prototyping, facilitations, workshops, conferences, farmers field school, material production, and other practical solutions that drive positive change for all those involved.


Rooted in innovation, we take a market-led, demand and data-driven approach to generate results while contributing to community welfare, environmental sustainability, and a heightened standard of living, especially for people at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

Our Vision

We envision the potential of communities and businesses and then bring that vision to life through positive, sustainable changes in theory and practice, transforming systems for long-term success.

Our Mission

To design and deliver client-centered solutions that bring strategic plans and visions to fruition through innovative, inclusive, and evidence-based approaches to generate social, financial, and environmental returns on investment. Reducing poverty, lessening the effects of climate change, including persons of all genders, and bringing no harm, especially in emerging and frontier economies, are core aspects of our approach.

Our Philosophy

We believe that inclusive business models should be the drivers of tomorrow's systemic change to bring about a solution to one of humankind’s most pressing challenges: producing, optimizing, and distributing resources to benefit humanity and the world they live in.

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Our Team

Asper provides businesses, governments, industry bodies, non-profits, and development programs with strategic solutions that leverage sustainable resource management to improve well-being and generate revenue for communities, attract investors or donors into your organizations, and drive positive change to the environment they work in. With our custom solutions, we raise the standard of living for those at the bottom of the economic pyramid while fueling the organizations and institutions we serve with sustainable models for the long run.


Founded on innovation, we specialize in providing local resources and expertise throughout Asia, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. We also work in Africa and other regions to foster learning and experience from the east to the west while also promoting south-south and north-south cooperation. Our roots are in South East Asia and our legacy is global.


We take an in-depth view of systems thinking, utilize market forces, and adopt nature-and market-based solutions to achieve systemic changes. Additionally, we identify data-lead strategies, business plans and interventions that can meet the immediate goals of building economies, businesses and organisations while creating the foundations for long-term sustainability and economic transformation.


We design and implement solutions and interventions around the principles of social and economic responsibility, market orientation, and sound environmental management. They create a tangible impact as reflected in the benefit they bring to the quality of people’s lives.

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Our Story

Asper is a South-East Asia-based consultancy established in August 2016. We started delivering strategic design, delivery and management services for the DFID-funded Business Innovation Facility in October 2016. In 2018, we began providing strategic consultancy services to other organisations to support the emergence of an inclusive economy in Myanmar. We secured our first private client and first overseas assignment in 2019. Since 2020, we focus on supporting the establishment of a green and inclusive economy globally.

Asper's Core Value

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