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We engage a broad range of organizations, all working together to realize a better environment for all involved, starting with a foundation based on learning from the past and a vision of the future. We identify target markets through careful research to find and nurture the optimum strategy for each client, opening them to new horizons and solutions that address their short-, medium-, and long-term strategic goals.

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Research & Strategy

New markets don’t exist in a vacuum. Existing conditions impact the feasibility of organizations’ success, necessitating various strategies and interventions to make conditions more favorable without disrupting the local culture. To that end, we provide services that help our clients achieve their goals, such as:

    • Research, analytics, and visualization
    • Supply chain, value chain and market systems analysis
    • Identification, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
    • Business intelligence
    • Inclusive, circular and biomimetic business and system analysis
    • Political economy analysis
    • Carbon foot-print assessment
    • Regulatory framework, rules and regulations analysis
    • Innovation and design thinking
    • Strategic business planning and financial modeling
    • Business model, partnership framework, design and facilitation
    • Business intelligence
    • Program, intervention and activity design and strategy
    • Go-to-market strategy and market positioning
    • Conflict sensitivity and Do-No-Harm strategies
    • Inclusive business models strategy and design
    • Carbon off-set strategies
    • Impact and inclusive investment strategies
    • Start-up, Small and Growing Business and Corporate sustainable development strategies
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Planning and delivery

We provide on-the-ground, as well as online and virtual services, to create and put solutions into motion. We design, deliver, and evaluate policies, programs, facilities, projects, studies, and impact services and solutions that put your organization into a virtuous circle to achieve your goals and benefit everyone involved. To that end, we provide governance, organizational and team development services, and project and program management to ensure a smooth, sustainable, and transitional future for years to come.

    • Strategic operating plan, time and resource utilization
    • Risk assessment and mitigation
    • Public and private financial partnership, engagement, and marketing
    • Community engagement and participation
    • Partner and beneficiary engagement and alignment
    • Partnership co-design and co-creation
    • Program, project and activity implementation
    • Strategic management, leadership and day-to-day management
    • Prototyping and installation of production, regenerative, circular and biomimetic systems
    • Performance measurement, learning and adaptation
    • Advisory services, coaching, and training
    • Impact monitoring and evaluations
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Consulting and advisory

We provide ongoing support to help your organization grow and thrive in your environment through. Our services and solutions contribute to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, putting your organization on the leading edge of global development. We specialize in development in frontier and emerging markets through international development assistance, technical cooperation and private sector development. If your dream is to create wealth and prosperity while building a thriving business and community, get in touch. We can turn your vision into reality.

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